• identifies with you the most relevant
    experts and methods to help you design
    and implement your strategy
    SMART Business Development
  • To build a binding and continuous relationship
    with organizations seeking Business
    support and provide them with
    continuous capabilities improvement
    Our Mission
  • To be a leading Automotive Consulting Organization that helps
    companies to apply modern management as a way of life
    Our Vision

Who are we?

SMART Business Development LLC
The sole dedicated automotive consulting firm based in Baku, Azerbaijan . Company was born to meet the new needs of organizations and dealers which face more and more complex challenges in an increasing uncertain environment.

Why SMART Business Development?

We believe that our clients' success is our success; we believe in professionalism, we consistently maintain high standards for service and consultants to be always able to bring the best team of senior consultants to bear on every single project. We understand our clients business needs, we comprehend their business specific language. We live the way they live.
English, Russian, Turkish and Azeri – speaking consultants are a definite asset in communicating with stakeholders; minimizing the gap that usually occurs due to language and culture barriers.